Your privacy is important to us. Personal information gathered by OurWholeStore due to contact directly or indirectly with you will not be transferred or sold to other parties.

All of the web servers we use collect and save the default information customarily logged by world wide web server software. Our logs contain the following information for each request: date and time, originating IP address and domain name (the unique address assigned to your internet service provider's computer that connects to the Internet), object requested, and completion status of the request. We use these logs to help improve our service by evaluating the "traffic" to our site(s) in terms of number of unique visitors, level of demand, most popular page requests, and types of errors.

These logs may be kept for an indefinite amount of time, used at any time and in any way necessary to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the data on our servers.

Software currently on each of our Web pages issues cookies solely to judge the frequency of a visitor. At some time in the future we may also use special treatments of cookies in order to present special greeting pages to first- and second- time visitors to certain parts of our site(s).

However, you must understand that we have no control over (1) cookies issued by the servers on which we are found; or (2) information gathered by companies you may deal with as a result of clicking on links found on our sites.

Except for authorized law enforcement investigations or other facially valid legal processes, we will not share any information we receive with any outside parties.

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